Cognician — Making learning effortless

Supporting Cognician’s growth and development through ongoing design and user experience input.


Cognician is an online educational platform with a difference. They make learning an interactive process by providing portions of content in a chat-based interaction. This process simulates the experience of chatting to a lecturer, author or mentor and makes content relevant to users. Cognician is based in Cape Town, but have recently expanded to the United States.

Isoflow became involved at the start of Cognician’s journey. Initially we helped them with user experience, UI design and front-end development and have most recently been involved in making their platform accessible on mobile devices. We’re also consulted on user experience decisions and improvements to the app.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Web Design
Cognician Mobile Screen Designs

Design Process

Multiple workshops have been held to ensure that our designs fit with the goals of the product. We’ve worked through many months of wireframe iterations and prototypes before settling on designs. Cognician recently became our neighbour, which has made collaboration and communication easy.

Cognician Web Wireframes and Screen Designs

Marketing Site

Cognician is much more than just an app as it changes the way people think, work, learn and grow. Cognician’s website had to communicate this in a succinct way to users. We worked closely with them on the design of their marketing site, which is accessible from desktop and mobile.

Cognician Desktop and Mobile Website Designs

"Our relationship with Isoflow goes back to the earliest days of Cognician. Werner Janse Van Rensburg has guided us through the UI and UX work of all the major iterations of our platform, and he has done so with the utmost professionalism and skill. His process and the outcomes he achieves are truly world class, and working with Isoflow is an absolute pleasure."

Ilse Dippenaar
Patrick Kayton
CEO, Cognician

Desktop Application

We helped design the desktop application which was the initial entry point for the platform. Users select particular ‘cogs’ of content to engage with and begin new conversations around sections of material, facilitating a personalised experience. These questions provoke thoughtful conversations which lead to important insights on topics like leadership, skills development and many more.

Cognician Desktop Application Design

Mobile Designs

As the desktop application evolved, Cognician decided to expand the experience to mobile devices. We helped design a clean, friendly interface that users could engage with on-the-go with the same chat experience. We created templates where partners could apply their branding to bundles of content.

Cognition Mobile Design Mockup
Cognician Mobile Screen Designs

Email Templates

As users engage with content they gain insights worth sharing with friends and colleagues. We designed email templates that welcome new members onboard and help spread knowledge across teams.

Cognician Email Template Designs