A design solution for easy and effective investing

Fintech, 2019


Coronation is one of the largest independent asset managers in South Africa. We were tasked with redesigning their digital investment platform.

  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Competitor Trends
  • User Base Design Trends
  • Responsive Design

Enticing the user to engage with their asset portfolio

While researching global competitor fintech platforms and the way their users interact with them, we identified some insightful patterns that steered our project:

  • Average number of products per user.
  • Demographic segmentation of users.
  • Digital visual design is moving towards simpler, cleaner interfaces.
  • Data is becoming more democratised, allowing users to understand and make better choices and improve their experiences.

Helping users find the information they want, faster than ever

In transitioning to a lighter feel, the information that used to fill the user’s screen needed to be intuitively presented and easily accessible. We achieved this by establishing a stronger hierarchy on each page. A combination of typography, colour, illustration, and spacing, translated into a thoughtful design system that actively helps users navigate the platform.

Highlighting investment
opportunities to expand their investment portfolio

At the time, the majority of Coronation users only focused on a single product per portfolio. This meant that the portal layout needed to highlight the data for a single investment, and a larger portfolio. A common thread we found in our research was that international platforms consistently encouraged users to invest more. While we were creating a platform with a harmonious interface for people with single and multiple portfolios, providing opportunities for users to expand on their investments shaped the design process.

Designing for investments anywhere, anytime

To allow users to access their investments regardless of what device they are using, we paid special attention to ensuring the designs could be scaled to multiple screen sizes.

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