Nedbank Karri

Hassle-free payments from
parents to schools

Nedbank Karri

Hassle-free payments from parents to schools
Karri, powered by Nedbank
Mobile Payments
Product Strategy, Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Marketing Collateral
Mobile App

Karri is a mobile app that allows parents to make quick and easy payments to their children’s schools. Instead of sending little ones to school with envelopes of notes and coins for civvies and class outings, parents are now able to make direct payments of exact amounts.

The design process

A set of collaborative workshops with the Karri team enabled us to flesh out the functionality, from onboarding complexities to shared account scenarios. We built an interactive low-fidelity prototype before taking the app screens into design.

A fun and friendly UI design

Working in the school and family space, we wanted to keep the UI light-hearted. The simple use of white with the primary brand colour, gave us the opportunity to incorporate spot illustrations as an element of delight.


In order to create a fun, memorable and interactive retirement planning experience that would increase engagement, we wanted to move away from traditional static graphs. We decided to solve this challenge by using encouraging animations. So we partnered with the incredibly talented team at Bewilder tv to combine our ideas for the functionality with their creativity.

Creating a modern brand

We chose a set of vibrant, contemporary greens, inspired by Karri’s goal to modernise and enhance traditional payment methods. The logo mark, a stylised credit card, references the idea of fast and effortless payments. The mark extended well to the app icon.

The end of paper-based school payments

Gaining support from parents who were used to notices and old-school payments was, understandably, a challenge. We helped plan out an on-boarding process to assist with the shift.

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