MiWay Blink

A smooth ride to car cover

Insurance, ongoing collaboration since 2020


MiWay Blink, a new digital insurance offering, has entered the scene. Established and backed by trusted insurance brand MiWay; this innovative business has brought a fresh approach to the market. From quote to cover, we designed a standalone app to bring to life their vision of fully-digital car insurance.

  • Industry Research
  • User Flow Mapping
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • Mobile App
  • Marketing Website
  • System & Campaign Emails
  • Communication Templates
Launched in March 2021

Doing things a new way

No paperwork, no long phone calls—just smart tech, backed with rewards and great service.  A new concept, a new app and the somewhat daunting task of thinking through every screen, flow and use case. What more could a UX designer ask for?

Despite needing to consider their complex, existing system; the MiWay Blink team inspired us to work towards a completely new way for clients to interact with their business. We designed comprehensive, detailed prototypes to explore this self-service, digital offering from getting a quote, to completing a vehicle self-inspection, managing cover and redeeming cashback.

Both teams wanted the best for the product and were keen to push the limits to deliver. MiWay Blink’s determination and willingness to adjust their models and forge new business processes, enabled us to work together towards the best experience for the user.

“ This project has been an incredible, stretching and rewarding experience. Our close collaboration with the MiWay Blink Team, their humour and approach, largely contributed to the enjoyment of the project. They’ve challenged us, trusted us and given us the freedom to explore. ”

Ruth Gathercole
UX Designer, Isoflow

Creating a UI that is simple yet
engaging and approachable.

One of the greatest challenges was developing the UI style direction as part of the new MiWay Blink brand. It needed to be fun and fresh to cater for this specific market yet closely connected to the credibility of the established MiWay brand. We enjoyed creating a world of sheets and cards for their little 3D characters to exist in. The mobile app designs were slightly adapted to create desktop templates for the web quote flow.

Rewarding users with cashback
for driving less.

Delight is in the details

Some cheeky exploration to see how we could add small moments of delight using motion. Every now and then you just need to have a little fun and let the ideas run wild in Figma.

Creating a robust email design system with personality.

A website experience to show the world just how easy insurance can be.

Keeping with the product designs, we wanted the website to be simple; leveraging lots of white and open space to allow the cerise pink and colourful illustrations to stand out. The main aim of the responsive site was to highlight the benefits of the product and guide users towards the online quote journey.

“ The Isoflow team has become more than a partner, but part of our eclectic family. With eagerness and passion, the team has continued to pursue excellence and authentic user experiences in their delivery. We're creating magic and couldn't think of a better team to do it with. ”

Keletso Mpisane
Head of MiWay Blink

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