Radically simplifying

retirement planning

10x Investments
Investment Services
User Story Mapping, UX Design, UI Design, Digital Product Design, Styleguide Setup
Responsive Web App
NML, Bewilder.tv
10X is a Cape Town based investment company working hard to disrupt the retirement industry through the simplicity of their products and a direct, digital distribution approach. We designed the My10X portal to be the new home of realistic retirement planning, investing and monitoring for 10X clients.

A mobile-first experience

With the aim of designing a platform that is easily accessible and convenient for all audiences, 10X opted for a mobile-first web app. Simplifying the broad set of existing features for mobile demanded a lot of streamlining, restructuring and creative thinking in an extensive wireframe phase. The challenge of combining new and old functionality, and presenting important content in a way that’s easy to understand, required close team collaboration.

Designing for scale

We evolved 10X’s design guidelines, making space for their new illustration style while maintaining a close link with their existing digital platforms. We followed a styleguide approach to ensure consistency and increased efficiency for both the design and front-end development roll-out of 100+ screens.

Beautifully crafted animations

In order to create a fun, memorable and interactive retirement planning experience that would increase engagement, we wanted to move away from traditional static graphs. We solved this challenge by using encouraging animations. When the animation we required proved too complex to code, we partnered with the talented team at Bewilder.tv to create videos instead.

Happy Client
“ Isoflow have done a fantastic job of executing on our vision for the 10X client portal. They proved to be a great strategic partner, often challenging our assumptions and improving on our thinking. They always fight for what they believe is right. We enjoyed partnering with their team on this challenging project and look forward to more rewarding outcomes as we continue to work together. ”

Declan Hollywood

CEO - 10x Investments

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